Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Kitty Cat Party

Kitty Cat Party

I love prints with animals on - they are the funnest thing to wear. So it makes me happy that there is so much choice at the moment! Cats are the cutest - I love how lazy and fluffy they are. I have a fair few shirts with cats on but these are just a few pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe. I will potentially drag my friends to Pull and Bear at the weekend to buy the shirt - such a bargain at twenty pounds! And I will forever lust for the Charlotte Olympia shoes... maybe one day when I am rich and famous!

Meow :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Seaside and sunshine

I spent the weekend with a good friend in Southampton, and on Saturday the weather was nice enough for a day trip to the seaside. We went to Bournemouth on the train and spent a lovely day lazing on the beach and doing a lot of eating! My favourite thing of the day had to be the beautifully painted beach huts in such an array of colours. I have decided that I need to get one and turn it into a crafting haven by the sea!

The beach was so crowded!
NOTD in cornflower blue - Kiko Milano
 I really really really need a beach hut! I worry they are super expensive though... and I don't actually live near a beach so that may be an issue.

There is also a small fairground which is really pretty - lots of stalls and a couple of rides. Bournemouth is always fun for a day out :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

CRAFT DIY - Make bracelets from price tags!

Today I have been making bracelets that are the simplest to make - and practically free! You will need a few simple jewellery making tools such as bead pliers and flat headed pins.

This tutorial is all about repurposing things that will otherwise end up getting thrown away: the price tags from your new purchases!! I bought a bunch of underwear in the sales this week, and noticed they had a really pretty neon thread on the tags that reminded me of pretty friendship bracelets I have been seeing all over the internet and in shops recently. Even better they are already tied with a perfect knot and the ends have been sealed! So pretty much all we have to do is add a charm and we are good to go. 

The materials you will need are:
1 price tag with pretty string / thread to become your bracelet
1 statement bead
1 flat headed pin
1 'o' ring
1 seed bead (only if like my statement bead, yours has a hole which is too big for the flat headed pin!)

A set of jewellery pliers to cut wire, curve wire, and open and close the 'o' ring.

Step 1: Gather all your tools, remove and discard the price tag

Step 2: Grab your pin, thread on the seed bead, then your statement bead, and then using your wire cutters, leave a length of no more than a cm and cut off the rest of the pin wire. Using your curved pliers, turn this length into a little loop (so it is a tiny loop coming out of the top of my birdie bead!)
Step 3: Use your pliers to open the 'o' ring and attach it through the loop you made. Attach onto your thread! (I chose to squeeze my 'o' ring flat so that the charm stayed where it was and wasn't flying around everywhere!)
Step 4: Wear with pride and enjoy telling people you made it yourself :)
Now i want to go and buy cute silver charms to attach to these bracelets! Maybe a cat or a flower or an owl! And I will be wearing this stacked up with friendship bracelets I have been making lately :)