Saturday, 20 October 2012

Disney Villains Nail Polish

I admit it. I am a Disney addict! I always have and always will love Disney movies, and I often visit the Disney store even though I am nearly twenty five years old! I really appreciate the ever growing range of products geared at adults, and whilst I wouldn't consider any of the Disney villains as one of my favourite characters, I find the Disney villains collection of products slightly irresistible.

Available online for £20 from the Disney Store here

On a recent solo shopping trip I splurged on the nail polish set, which at £20 isn't a huge price tag for five polishes, but it is as an impulse buy when I am trying to be on a budget! That being said, I really like the faceted glass bottles and long, tapered lids. They just feel a bit more elegant. And I slightly justify the buy to myself because the colours aren't ones I would naturally go for, they are dark and glamorous where I would usually be going for bright and fun.


First I tried Ursula, as the Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film. The colour is a shimmery pale purple, application was easy and it dried SUPER fast (I wish my other nail polishes dried this quick!). The major problem was that it dried really bumpy. I think it is to do with the fine glitter, as I applied thin coats. Up close it made me sad but from a distance it still looked really pretty. My accent nail was clear nail polish with glitter flakes I use for paper crafting (yay for multitasking!).

Queen of Hearts

A basic glitter gold, pretty and once again dried very quickly, but the colour was not really suited to me. 

Mother Gothel / Evil Queen

These are my absolute favourites of the collection so far! I felt so chic when wearing this colour combination. Mother Gothel is a deep, rich burgundy colour, whilst Evil queen is a syrupy black with bright red glitter which is so fine it feels like you have a glittering night sky on your nails! As with the other polishes in the collection, these dried fast and applied cleanly. I was most impressed with evil queen, because it applied so smooth. I was worried after Ursula that it would be bumpy, but it came out beautifully. And I wouldn't normally go for shades this dark so I am really pleased they are in my collection!

Still left to try : Cruella De Vil and Maleficent.

Verdict: I love the smoothness of application and how quick these polishes dry, but disappointed with some of the finishes coming up a bit bumpy. Would be interesting to know if anyone else has had this problem? Hopefully Disney will continue this line of products and maybe include the Disney Princesses :)

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