Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I don't generally have a lot of patience when it comes to decorating cakes, I usually get the baking done and I want to eat the bake. Right away. But over the summer I had a go at some decorating for family birthdays - hence the brightness and craziness! 

Chocolate sponge with bright blue icing, blue glitter and a spongebob topper. This was for my dad, spongebob is one of our silly shared interests. The candles say 'Lost Count' because I am cheeky!

This was the cake I made for my mum's birthday, it was delicious! I actually cheated and got two small Victoria sponges from the shops, then stacked them and covered in buttercream. I surrounded the cake with fresh raspberries and noone candles, and topped with a gorgeous parrot from Tiger.

Considering I work in a cake shop I really need to step up my decorating game - I need to learn how to pipe icing!

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