Friday, 13 July 2012

CRAFT DIY / luggage tag gift tag

 Today I whipped up a quick gift tag to go on a present for a friend's birthday. It only took a few minutes to assemble, The paint was such a thin layer it didn't take long to dry at all. I wanted to go for something soft and feminine but still had a bit of glitz. So many possibilities with this DIY - enjoy!

Close up of the gift tag. How pretty are those blooms!

This DIY is so simple all you need is a paper luggage tag, glitter paint and a brush, paper flowers, glue and crystal stickers. You can mix up the colours to suit your gift theme, I am going for blue and silver.

Step 1 : Paint a thin layer of glitter paint over your tag. I just painted the bottom 2/3.

Step 2: Once dry, glue on your paper flowers.

Step 3: Add a crystal sticker to the middle of each flower and you are done! Pretty :)