Sunday, 9 September 2012

Decoden phone case

Recently I updated my Iphone's cover as the last one was getting a bit worn. I used plastic cabochons in pretty pastel colours to decoden a plain hard iphone cover. This is a method from Japan to basically glue decorations onto things like phone cases, mirrors, nintendo DS's etc to make them more pretty! This is the fourth case I have made for myself, in the past I had an Alice in wonderland theme, a winter owl theme, and a little mermaid theme. I also made a Hello Kitty one as a gift.

This suits me best as I see a lot of phone cases to buy that are pretty, but I like the idea of having something noone else does.

This isn't a step by step DIY but it should be pretty self explanatory - get a clear hard case to fit your phone (I got mine from Amazon), and then use a strong adhesive for plastics (mine is called Deco Princess which I got from Etsy), and get gluing with your cabochons (mine came mostly from Etsy and bits and pieces from craft stores I have picked up)! It is very easy to do - it can just take a long time! A good helper is if you have a tool like this rhinestone picker to make it a bit easier and quicker to place your cabochons.

Let you imagination run wild with whatever you want to depict with your decoden, or search places like Etsy for inspiration :)

 For this case I used pearl flat back cobochons from etsy, the flower and bluebird were from Paper Valise, and the stickers are from Janetstore and feature San-X's raccoon character Kireizukin.


  1. hoe adorable this is :) I have a couple of friends who would love this cover.

  2. wow that is pretty unique, think i need an update soon..

  3. This is such a darling idea! Love it.

  4. Wooow! This case is crazy!!! I love it! It's hugh-time I bought myself a case, too, but I'm sure it won't be as unique as this one !