Friday, 7 September 2012

Irish travels

Sometimes when you end up in a place you never though you would be, you tend to find out there was a hidden reason. I ended up in a job I hadn't planned on, and although I wasn't entirely happy with the way my life was working out when I was there - some big positive things did come out of the experience. I made some really good friends and ultimately I think that is the driving force behind most of the things I have ended up doing in my life, the universe has pushed me towards some amazing people and I will always be thankful for that.

I made a really close friend from my last job, so when she moved back home to her native Ireland, I knew I would have to go visit. I went to the county of Clare for my first experience of Ireland and it honestly was one of the most relaxing holidays and the experience was what you would expect - friendly people, gorgeous scenery and a fair amount of rain! The last couple of days we did have some much needed sunshine so it was handy that was when we hit the beach!

A break taking ruins of an Abbey

Beach view at Fanore

Black Head lighthouse on the cliffs

The historic landscape of the Burren

One of the Celtic High Crosses

I feel so lucky to have met such wonderful people on my trip to Ireland, and I got to see some historic landmarks, see inside a castle, and even see Father Ted's house! We traveled to Galway and all around the coast and drank a fair amount of Barry's tea. I can't wait to return - it felt like a home away from home!

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