Saturday, 15 December 2012

Keep calm...

This describes exactly how I feel today! I feel slightly manic today, with such a busy day at work and so much to do I just kept getting the giggles and finding everything hysterical! I think the customers must have thought I'd gone mad!

Since I've been home I've been in non-stop Christmas organisation mode. I have some parcels of presents to send out to friends in other parts of the UK / Ireland, and I have decided I must get them in the post tomorrow just to make sure they get to them in time for Christmas. But the problem was I hadn't wrapped the presents / written the cards / organised how to package them. So now I have run out of jiffy bags and also run out of handmade Christmas cards!

Here's hoping I get these babies into the post and off to their destinations first thing in the morning! Busy busy day tomorrow of meeting people tomorrow for Christmas catch ups, so had to make sure I have their cards and presents ready to go too. My bag is huge at the moment with all these parcels, and I will have to be that annoying person in the post office who has to buy jiffy bags and be in the way... and then hold up other people while I weigh all my parcels going to different places.... I hope they understand I hate holding them up too!!!!

I thought I was so organised, but the Christmas stress is slightly getting to me!!!!

(Sorry for extreme overuse of exclamation marks....)