Tuesday, 11 December 2012

NPW wishlist

NPW wishlist

I love NPW! I have some of their nail pens and gems already, but I am lusting over these new releases. Particularly the stud wheel! I hav so much love for NPW as they have lots of innovative products, and the prices are crazy reasonable. Everything here is priced between £2.50 and £5.95, and they are going to last you a long time, even a nail art maniac like me!

They are becoming more widely available at high street stores such as Paperchase and River Island, but ladies they are much cheaper on their website! You do have to pay postage, but if you get a couple of items the cheaper prices will make up for this. They also sell a lot of funky presents that are good for secret santa parties or joke presents.

Have you used any of the NPW range???


  1. Ah i have a few of those products on my wishlist too! Im actually going to be doing a giveaway on microbeads sometime soon. Anyways lovely blog!


    1. Thanks! Yes I love the NPW stuff, I wander if they will have a post Christmas sale??