Wednesday, 7 November 2012

25 (and a day)

Yesterday was my birthday!! Officially 25, and not feeling my age at all. When I was younger I thought people in their twenties were really quite mature and I had so many ideas about what my life would be like once I was in my mid-twenties. But now I am here, I really don't think I've changed much since I hit my twenties, to be honest I still feel like a teenager inside.

I don't know about anyone else, but it always feels a bit weird the day after my birthday, like so much excitement and expectation, and then you wake up the next morning and realise that actually, not much has changed. Saying that, I had a great time being with my family, and got some lovely gifts. The most exciting one was the Cinderella A Brush with Fate nail polish set from Sephora! My parents just got back from California, so I asked them to pick it up for me as you just can't get it in the UK. It's so pretty! Am wearing So Totally Enchanted (the icy/silvery blue) with Step Off, Sister! (blue and silver glitter) on my ring fingers as an accent. Really love the packaging, colours and quality, but the bottles are teeny weeny which makes me a bit sad! I hope I don't run them down really quick!

I also got a lovely gift from the postman (well, a gift to myself!) of these gorgeous heeled brogues from Clarks. I already have the plain brogue version which I have been wearing to absolute death - I love them and they go with everything! I wondered if I really needed the heeled version, but the ones I already have are a bit scuffed now and when Clarks had £10 off last week I decided to just go for it. They are so pretty! Going to wear them tonight with a pretty Mossimo dress (another birthday gift!) to meet one of my best friends for a birthday dinner :)

Also going to pick up some nail polishes for a swap I have joined here, thanks to Cindii from Purrincup for blogging about this, would never have found out about it otherwise! This is my first swap so I am going to try and get really nice nail polishes from Westfield today, and package them up prettily to send to my swap partner! Having fun things like this to do really can brighten the day. I love giving and receiving post!


  1. Happy 25th!! I am in my mid 20s too and know exactly what you are talking about.. thought I'd have everything figured out by now... but they say the 30 is the new 20. you don't really figure yourself out until you hit 30. That's when you truly love everything about yourself and life...

    Anyway, happy bday again. Love the dress!

    1. Good point about 30 being the new 20!! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  2. Hi, Happy 25th Birthday!!! I'm the same age as you too! I know exactly what you mean, when I was a kid I thought 20 year olds were well, old! But now I'm 25, I actually feel 15! And when people say about me "that lady" I feel kind of odd cos I still think of myself as a "girl".

    I wish we had sephora here! :-( I really love it! We are missing out.

    And I LOVELOVELOVE those brogues! I am brogue mad! I will have to check out Clarks! I used to work there when I was 16 and the shoes were always so comfy!

    I adore your blog, I am following you. I love your header! and all the crafting bits! I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

    Kuki xxx

    1. Ohhh thank you for the lovely message! Yes Sephora is a gorgeous store, I don't know why they aren't in the UK, I would shop there all the time!

      Yeah the Clarks brogues are SO COMFY and the detailing is really pretty, people are always surprised that my shoes are from Clarks - but you can't beat the comfort!

      Thanks for following, am going to check out your blog now!!!

  3. Happy 25 Birthday!
    I know what you mean! We wanted so much to be adults when we were teenagers but I feel younger now that I'm in my twenties! Who we are, who we want to be, I understood that there is no clear answer to that, no age deadline, so please everyone continue to call me Signorina! :D