Friday, 2 November 2012

CRAFT DIY - Hand Stamped Notebooks

This week I have been customising some notebooks which I got from Tiger. It was a pack of three for £1 so pretty much a bargain! I just went crazy with stamps I had, jazzing up the designs with some metallic ink. Planning on making some more for Christmas presents, but definitely keeping the squirrels for myself - they are just too sweet! They will make my handbag feel a bit more exciting so I can keep notes while I am out.

I think this would be a great craft for party bags or any occasion where you want to personalise gifts without overspending!

Step 1: Grab your supplies together and get ready to craft!
Supplies needed:
  • Plain kraft notebook
  • Assortment of stamps
  • Ink - Versafine is my favourite for clear, crisp images, Encore was the brand I used for metallics as the quality is second to none, it dries really quickly and is nice and shimmery

Step 2: Stamp away! Get creative with your patterns

I love the squirrels! And the owl is a metallic green, looks gorgeous and shimmery, the photo really does not do it justice!


  1. omg the notebooks suddenly look so cute!

  2. The notebooks look so great! I love the stamps you have used - I need to find a set like this one! :)

  3. OMG! You my love, are a genius! These are the CUTEST notebooks I've ever seen!! There is a tiger store just round the corner from me, I'm going as soon as it opens tomorrow! Where did you get the stamps and ink from? I think this is an amazing xmas prezzie idea! I've got a few bookworm/geeky friends like me! So these would be just perfect!! Please let me know!! You can find me on twitter @Kuki_X or But I bet I'll ruin a dozen before I get anything half decent!haha

    Soo happy I found your blog!



    1. Tiger is the best - so many bargains! Did you go for a bit of a look??

      The ink was from etsy I think, Versafine is the best ink for clear, fine edges. Pretty sure you can get it from Amazon and ebay too.

      Some good places for stamps - the squirrel was from here - cute, small and detailed stamps! - the alphabet stamps are from here. Really good site for cheap crafting essentials!!

      Hope that helps :) x x

    2. p.s. when stamping you can test your stamps on plain paper first and make sure you are happy with how much pressure you need to use, but if it doesn't come out completely then you just tell people it is a vintage look :D x x

    3. They are beautiful !
      Now I need to buy loads of stuff and make some as well :)

  4. This is so cute and such a cute idea! I love that you gave us the links for stamps, lovely!

    Following from the BlogLove Therapy blog hop.

    Ally @

  5. What a great idea :) Cute and easy too