Monday, 12 November 2012

No Spend November

I am a bit of a sad cat. After all the birthday festivities of this weekend, I decided this morning I should probably check my balance, and I was beyond shocked to find myself in my overdraft! This has not happened since my student days, and as a marginally employed person I really shouldn't have been as surprised as I was.

You see, my problem is that I am a complete shopaholic. And because I live very near some shops (many of them terrible bargain £1 shops), and have a lot of time on my hands, I go fairly often! These kind of shops trick you into thinking everything is SO CHEAP that it's okay to go mental (or is it just me?!), but it really does all add up - especially because you probably only could actually use about 5% of what you buy. I have so much stationary / homeware I've picked up from bargain shops, but I still live at home and have no need for things like £3 owl salt and pepper shakers (from Tiger if you are interested!).

This shock has made me even more determined to write the best job applications possible, but also to be much wiser about the little money I have. Thankfully I had some eBay earnings to rectify the overdraft situation, though I am pretty sure I will be getting a bank charge sometime this week. I am going to continue with the eBay purge, and as an avid kawaii collector I think I may set up an Etsy store to sell some of my stationary collection. I have way more stickers than one person could ever use!

I have decided to enforce No Spend November on myself, where I will limit and track everything I am spending! I may even make a spreadsheet. Because I'm that kind of girl!

Allowed purchases will be:
  • Postage (for ebay/amazon sales)
  • Travel
  • Food (obviously!)
  • Bargain Xmas presents
Disallowed purchases will be:
  • Stationary (I have enough to last a lifetime!)
  • Beauty/bath/skin products (Again, I really don't need to purchase anything for a good few years)
  • Random £1 shop purchases that really add up and I 100% don't need
Any frugal tips?? As a big crafter I am going to try and keep Christmas costs down by hand making some presents. This will also hopefully keep me away from the shops!!

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