Saturday, 24 November 2012

No Spend November: Update 2

This week my spending has been easier in some ways, but harder in others. I have been working a lot more, so at least am making some more money than last week. The majority of my spending on this week has been on food - two meals out and just general groceries for home. Having money in my purse means I am more likely to part with it, so trying my best to get it straight into the bank!

Week 2 empties
Finished Products

  • Hello Kitty face wipes - these were from the pound shop and I loved them! So sad they don't have any left in stock.
  • Vanilla nail polish remover pads - These are fantastic at removing non-glitter polishes, and really nourish my nails while they are at it. These are from NPW, I got a small pot as a gift last year, and had to run out and buy a big one too! They smell so yummy!
  • Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea hand gel - Love this stuff. Picked this up in America, I have a bunch of these in all my handbags, never want to be without one! Sweet pea is a nice fragrance, bath and body works really do the hand gel better than any other company I know.

Week 2 spend: £75.97, which feels like A LOT when I write it down... but really the majority went on food and travel. I think the only thing I got for myself was £1 face wipes - not exactly a luxury! It is scary how easy money gets away from you, even when you are keeping an eye on things!!


  1. I definitely know how easy money flies, even if you are keeping tabs on it all.

    I absolutely love Bath and Body works antibacterial hand gel and lotions. One of the things I miss about being back home! When I go back, I will definitely stock up!


    1. I wish Bath and Body works was over here in England, me and my mum go crazy for it whenever we go to America! The quality is so good, and really reasonable.