Friday, 16 November 2012

No Spend November: Update 1

So earlier this week I decided I needed to get a hold of my spending! So far I have done pretty well with only one naughty purchase - Pretty Little Liars season 1 DVD from Amazon.My justification was that it dropped to £15.00, which was a bargain considering it was £30.00 before. And the dvds are really pretty, and I think watching these first episodes is helping me with my mountain of job applications....

Anyway, aside from that slight setback, I have done really well with the rest of my spending. I used up some beauty products / samples to help me focus on making the most of what I already have, and not be on a mission to get new things I don't need. Having a sneaky window shop is okay though :)

Week 1 empties

Finished products:

  • Tesco cucumber cleansing wipes - Standard face wipes!
  • Vintage Florals rose hand lotion - Think this was from Superdrug, pretty nice but nothing special.
  • ELF foundation - This was pretty great. Nice to use over my Shu Uemura liquid foundation and was bargainous at about £3
  • The Body Shop seaweed mattifying day cream sample - This felt more like a serum, it was nice but slightly tacky when dried.
  • Nivea natural beauty range samples - The only item I rate from these three would be the radiance boosting daily scrub. Smelt gorgeous and was really nice and gentle on my face, and left it glowy, removing dead skin. Will think about purchasing this when I'm due a new face scrub!
Week 1 spend: £39.63, which is less than I had incoming so a fantastic start to my thriftiness!

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  1. Setting a budget is hard and I think you should be very proud of where you are at now. It's a process and progress is definitely a good thing!!

    Kudos to you!

    Ally @