Friday, 2 November 2012

Hello Kitty Eyeliner Set

 I am a sucker for Hello Kitty - saw the new range in Superdrug and had to pick this item up! At only £6.99 it really doesn't break the bank, and I was in the market for a purple eyeliner. They have a full stand of new Hello Kitty products in Superdrug, the nail polish bottles are extremely cute, as are the lipsticks. It helps that its all reasonably priced too.

Close up of the eyeliners
The quality of these isn't top notch, but that is to be expected with the price. But very wearable, and nice to have the choice of a few colours. Included is a green and purple (which are shimmery), black and brown (which are matt) and a highlighter pencil too.

Yay for Hello Kitty!!!

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