Monday, 12 November 2012

Celebration Weekend

This weekend was such a good one. I had friends visiting for some birthday celebrations so was lovely to have a catch up.

We decided to meet in South Kensington for a spot of lunch before embarking on the craziest weekend activity I have heard of. A friend had informed me of a free tour of the science museum that only runs on weekends, and it's main selling point is that you dress up as a cockroach. Yes, you heard me right! Grown men and women, dressing as cockroaches and freaking the rest of the science museum out! It was genuinely the funniest thing I have ever done - spent the whole time giggling!

The tour guide was wonderful, putting on a 'Professor' voice, and he told some silly jokes. You had to scuttle around after him, and we learnt interesting facts about humans that are puzzling to the cockroach species. If you are interested, have a look at the microsite and please do book it - it will make for a very silly weekend! And best of all it's FREE!

The only warning I would give is it gets fairly warm in the suits, so advisable to not wear too many layers and to put bags and coats in the cloakroom if you can. You want to have all of your arms and legs free for scuttling fun!

Our costumes! I'm the one with glasses

The rest of our group. I think everyone was in their twenties but this would be suitable for any age!

The end of the tour

We ended our evening with food and cocktails at Navajo Joe in Covent Garden. Nice food and drink, but a seriously pervy and kind of rude waiter meant I probably would not go back! The music was so loud it felt more like a bar than a restaurant. None the less a fantastic weekend - love my friends!!!

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